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Dirty Fling

Dirty fling refers to a friendship with sexual benefits, but there is no actual relationship in reality. It doesn't have to involve physical intimacy or getting attached to the other person.

Details on Dirty Fling

It can be in the form of sending sex chats online to women or men you know or those on casual sex online platforms. Dating fling is a great way to pass the time, especially for those with tight working schedules or those who are not ready to start dating. It is more like flirting with someone who has similar interests, fantasies, fetishes, and preferences for sexual pleasure or arousal. Having the right headspace is essential for this to work. This situation requires communication and respecting each other's wants and needs. The focus is not having a life together.

Benefits of dirty fling

Dirty fling is similar to friends with benefits. It involves identifying someone open to sharing with you physical intimacy details either through a call or chat. However, most people are more comfortable sexting because they get to express all their desires and fantasies. It is a fun experience where you share intimate details and sessions with someone who respects you and is ready to sex chat without the commitment that comes with have an exclusive significant other. Below are some benefits of dirty fling.

1. More sustainable compared to relationships

It is surprising to know that most people have more extended contact through casual fling than actual relationships. You can decide when to chat or interact with the other person at your convenience. It relieves the pressure that comes with dating that requires constant communication. It can last for many years because you don't have to be physically intimate with the other person.

2.Allows you to be open about what you need

It is uncommon for most people to share their craziest or weirdest sexual fantasies or fetishes with their significant other out of respect, discomfort, or insecurity. However, this platform offers you a chance to speak out your desires with someone who shares similar preferences. You can chat and ask and share ideas without being judged and explore your wild side of sexuality. The advantage is that you can choose to speak with multiple individuals.

3. No physical meetings, which translates to no emotional attachments

People who are not ready to date can be mentally and physically drained getting into a relationship just to get sexual satisfaction. Sexual flings allows you to chat and talk and still feel comfortable communicating again after a week without feeling guilty. You don't have to engage in sexual acts but participate in video calls and messages online to meet all your sexual needs.

4. You are free to do what you want with your time

Being in a committed relationship takes time when one is busy. It may be impossible to make it work because you need to dedicate your time. But this does not mean that you avoid your sexual needs altogether. Dirty fling is ideal for those with busy lives because you get to interact with someone who understands your schedule, doesn't have demands, and enjoys your company.

Characteristics of an Excellent Dirty Fling

When looking for someone to talk to about your sexual fantasies, there are specific characteristics that you need to keep in mind to make the entire process comfortable and exciting. They are;

1. Strict compartmentalization

You should choose someone who is not from your neighborhood. Identify one from a place you would not want to visit or live. Remaining anonymous is key to a successful, adventurous, and erotic dirty fling. It is much easier to open up about your fetishes and needs to a stranger. You are confident you will not have any physical interactions at any time or place.

2. Should be attracted to you but not on a level that requires commitment

Choosing someone who is good-looking and has all the necessary qualities that you desire makes dirty fling more enjoyable. Even though there is no desire to date, you want to talk to someone who is sexually attractive to get maximum fulfilment.

3.Should be respectful

One rule to abide by when it comes to flings is not performing boyfriend or girlfriend duties such as texting every morning or sending birthday cards. However, this does not mean you should act like a douchebag. Respect means that they need tolerate your behaviors and be willing to fulfil your sexual fantasies and desires without making you feel uncomfortable.

Dating fling does not require you to share details with your friends or partner. It is a great way to unwind, and no one has to know what you are doing and with whom. It is more like a vacation from reality. Ending it is easy without having to go through a heart-wrenching discussion. You have to set boundaries and ensure that the other party understands there will be no commitment.

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A whore that wants a bloke who can keep up with my filthy day dreams. Can keep up with my horny mind, telling me how to make a fantasy better and help...
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I am looking for a gent that know what they're doing, make me cum and beg for more. I want someone that isn't my current partner who does not know how...
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